Children are curious creatures, and to feed their curiosity is to stimulate their senses. Toys are generous when it comes to improving the locomotor skills and development of the five senses of the child. Here is a sneak to peak into the best 5 toys introduced in 2016 that would help you child learn and have fun at the same time.

  1. Woodland fairy homes:

An excellent game for kindling the imagination of a child. This toy set is available in three different options: mushroom, tulip and acorn, featuring intricate details with doors that open and close. Each set comes with two matching posable fairies. Purchasing extra Woodland Fairy Dolls brings more forest fun to the house. The entire toy is soft sculpted, including the fairy house.

  1. Catapult

This one is an exciting gameplay for the budding engineers. The cutting edge technology is a 100+ pieces kit that comes with bullets and spring loaded launching pad. You begin with constructing the catapult, then the spring loaded launcher will push a marble towards the sky. When assembled this will be 18″ x 17″ x 7½”. You will know more about belt tensioning, angle of delivery as well as how to increase the striking force with practice.

  1. Magnetic PowerClix Construction

Again for the budding civil or structural engineers, here is a real time construction project. The set comes with magnets that are safely embedded in every plastic piece, encouraging hundreds of open ended, colorful 3-D design to snap together. Step by step instruction guide helps the young builder to construct various models. The 36 piece set includes 6 rectangles, 12 triangles, 10 squares and 8 bars. The toy aims to promote organic geometry.

  1. Prehistoric Double-Loop Track Set

For dinosaur and history lovers, here is the fun prehistoric double look track set. Push the pullback dino cars towards the loop and end up in the dinosaur’s jaw. The ferocious roar of the dinosaur is going to give you a chill. You can play this game in different ways by trying different positions of the racetrack loops and dinosaur jaws. The dinosaur war is about to begin with the innovative double loop track set. The intense and ferocious kids will be awarded, and their bravery appreciated. The set includes four pull back dinosaur racers. It runs on batteries that are not included in the package.

  1. Wonky

Wonky is a fun filled new style card game of stacking odd shaped blocks to build a wobbly tower. Play against your opponents as you build a large wobbly tower using a large block on a small one. Then see your family and friends squirm when they place the new block. When it comes back to your turn, payback! These nine odd shaped bocks are filled with crazy fun. Lose the cards faster to win the game. This 30-minute game will call for strategies and formations. The color combination like small blue, medium green, etc. is crucial in advancing. There could be ups and downs, reverse plays and tribulations.