If you are looking for the best games for children of all ages, here is our fresh list of the top 10 games children love to play:

  1. Building and construction

With building and construction, children can build fancy buildings and ships.  They can make a card tower, and old matchstick, glue and cardboard boxes can be turned into beautiful products. The block construction and tower building are for you to manipulate. The game stimulates creativity and imagination.

  1. Magical Mama (or Papa)

Kids love magic and magicians. If you have some tricks up your sleeve. You have followers. Simple card game to slightly tricky science experiments can be part of this game. The vanishing coins are yet another smart magic. The kids will get in an inquisitive way of asking why and how.

  1. Puzzles

Kids will be absorbed in the puzzle game, with a little imagination turning the puzzles into something more dynamic. Kids can cut out the puzzle pieces themselves. This game, in turn, will make train them for brainstorming and paying attention to the intricate details of objects. Puzzle solving is a great building block in the development of a child’s imagination.

  1. Freeze!

Freeze game was there and will be for generations to come. Asking the kids to dance till the music stops, till they are announced freeze; the freezing pattern can be changed to animals, building, letters, etc. You may add more creativity by introducing different color schemes for the occasion.

5). Paper-bag skits

A real fun filled game for a large groups of children. The kids will be divided into groups and given bags filled with toys, popcorns, ornaments, socks, ball or balloon.  You have to give a time frame for them to make a skit. The winning party gets all the medals and prizes.

6). Indoor hopscotch

The nine connecting squares cut out of cardboard are the essence of the game. The kids will be given tapes, to arrange the boxes in tandem or a row as per the organizer says and then a time frame will be allotted.  The number of pebbles or calls in the provided boxes will decide the winner.

7). DIY balance beam

Balancing beam is an exciting game for the kids of all ages. The adventurous and acrobatic mind of the children will be kindled. Walking up and down with the help of the balancing rod would be fun. The straight or curved walkway can create more interest.

  1. Hide and Seek

The hide and seek game never gets old.  You can add rules to suit the situation; typically one person will be blindfolded while others run to hide. Begins the giggling and fun when the kids find those difficult places where others have been hiding.  

9) Treasure hunt

This is similar to the Easter egg hunting game. Kids love to explore hidden stuff. Especially when they are given a price or incentive, the participatory skill starts shining. Some clues can be given for the kids to guess where the treasure is, this game will make the kids alert and agile.

10) Catapult

Make your catapult and win marbles, kids can beat the opponent with the skill of building as well as launching. You will have all the materials for a great game that include marbles, flippers, spring loaded launcher. AS stand is provided in case you prefer the launch that way.