1) Hide and Seek!

Always fascinating for kids is the hide and seek game that now comes in a new avatar. It features a mouse seeking your help to navigate on a competition board.  There are 100 elephants preventing the mouse a rightful entry. A little inclination to mathematics would add to the fun and thrill.

2)  Lumi -Niter

Kids can stretch their muscles and play. It is Lum- Niter time game. Flying saucers fly in the dark; launching from a unique air toys. The illumination in dark add more thrill and excitement to the game. The fun never stops abruptly as the glow time is over 8 hours.

3) Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, Purple

Innovative ideas to keep future chefs busy with all the gadgets like mixer, pan and vessels to make a perfect cake. The kids can create more dishes with the help of the provided recipe book. And even a red velvet cake mix is readily available for them to try.

4) Worx Toys Police Helicopter,

This is the time of the drones; you can fly drones to survey the lands and mountains. You are the remote pilot. The rotor blades will keep the kids occupied for hours. You can be the real police. The battery will last for few hours to let your child have uninterrupted fun

5) Supermarket scrambles game

The game features four exclusive shopping design; you can go to the petrol pump, scramble through the fruits, vegetable, etc and even a secret code for your bakery and sundae. You can add more to your basket, depending on your patience and skill. Shop till you are tired to go any further.

6) Dragon’s Dungeon

The Chinese dragon is here to get your attention. Kids try all means to keep themselves away from the ever dreaded dragon. A fantasy from the mediaeval age is here. Kids will learn the survival G technique at an early age. And the kids would help others to escape and survive


7) Finn & Maeve Far Away Land Great Adventure Paper Doll Set

Much more than the paper dolls the quick learners will increase their imaginative skills manifolds. Creativity can create more adventures. The toys move at your pace, to thrill you. Kids will be keen to start making their dolls. The fantasy land far away is now within the reach of the children.

8) Shake ‘n’ Break Challenge

To help the civil or structural engineer in your child grow, here is an excellent construction game. Pick up any card with a tong and start building. The faster you build the chances are high for you to be the winner.

9) Loopz

A classic memory game for kids of all ages has arrived to keep the young minds engaged. A real light and sound play is on.  As little imagination and interest to memorize will make the game addictive. Just use the hands to guide through the correct quadrant. No guessing game it is but meant for hard workers.

10) Cahootie Animal Planet Sea Creatures

The secrets of the ocean are not fully revealed yet. But now kids can have an overview of all is there to the sea, sea vegetable, flower-like creatures, deadly eel etc. Kids can question anyone about their in-depth knowledge of the deep ocean and win laurels and applause