As the child moves to the Kindergarten age, parents start concerning about their expression and locomotor skills. It has long been known that toys are a great way to help your child learn new skills and improve their locomotor activities. From early reading to concentration games, toys have always played an imperative role in the development of a child. Selecting the right toy for your child can be difficult, provided the number of options available to you in the market. However, we have shortlisted some unique and new toys in the market.

Here are the 5 toys most recommended for ages 5 and up:

  1. OTO Taco Truck:

Parents love teaching their children about the road signs. Well, if you are one of them, then your child would definitely love the OTO Taco Truck, the coolest play house with beautiful truck details. This cardboard play house allows your preschooler to fit in. You can also add some customized features such as License plate. With practical demonstration, your child can easily learn the importance of road signs, license plates and parking etc. Currently, this product is available at $59.

  1. Barbie Endless Curls

The Barbie talk never ends from the age 5 to 10. Allow your little girl to have a perfect barbie time, by purchasing the Barbie Endless Curls. It lets your child curl the hair of her Barbie and make beautiful hairstyles. Unlike your hair curler, the toy machine does not require electric heating. It is simple to use. You can also use the curler as a brush. For girls, this product is a must item in their Barbie collection. This product is available at $25.

  1. Leap TV

Leap Tv is a gaming system designed for the age group 5-8. It is blend of educational concepts and familiar playground games. There are three types of play- the classic control that uses the traditional fashion video game control- the pointer play that allows you to convert the controller into a LED pointer and a body motion in which your child can interact with the characters of the game. Currently, this game is available at $129. This game allows your child to learn new skills in many different ways.

  1. TableTop Foosball table

It is always difficult to pick a toy that increases parent and child interaction. Tabletop Foosball allows you to play with your child while improving his/her reflex skills. This product comes with two balls. The company has not provided if you can separately order the balls, in case you lose them.  TableTop Foosball table by Pottery Barn is available at $49.

  1. NHL Arena

Playmobil has introduced the NHL Arena that comes with movable characters. Your child can actually shot goals. There are different outfit’s available with the toy, you can change the scenes and teams. Your child can enjoy this game with friends and family, picking personal teams and fighting a real time challenge. It is currently available at $60.